Nutrition as
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Nutrition consulting based on the theory of five elements
(Traditional Chinese Medicine)

I have been a nutrition counselor and a general practitioner in Austria since 2010.
I also offer nutrition counseling in English.
More about what means nutrition based on the theory of five elements see below.

Nutrition consulting based on the theory of five elements can help if you
-suffer from weight problems (over- or underweight)
-feel tired, suffer from lack of energy
-have problems with your digestion
-feel too cold or warm
-feel depressed or have symptoms caused by stress
-suffer from frequent colds
-have skin problems
-have gynecological problems (menstruation pain, preparation for menopause, pregnancy
symptoms ...)
-just want to be well nourished

Nutrition consulting doesn't replace medical treatment.

process and prices:
Frist we will meet for about 1 hour  and I will ask you detailed questions about any symptoms you might have, what you normally eat, what what you could change. I will look at your tongue and feel your pulse. After 2 weeks at the latest, I will send you an individual nutrition plan via e-mail. This e-mail will contain information about what you should eat, and what you should not eat. I will give you practical advice and recommendations of what to eat and you will get some recipes.
(price for the first consulting in English: 140 Euro)

After about 2 months we should meet again to talk about what has changed, where you had problems following my recommendations, what else you can do to help your body be well-nourished.
If the circumstances don't allow you to meet with me personally, we can also talk via Skype. If we meet personally, I will look at your tongue and pulse again. After 2 weeks you will receive another e-mail with my recommendations and recipes. (price for the second or any following consulting in English: 100 Euro)

If you book the first and second consulting together it will only be 230 Euro in total.

skype: katharina.kratochwil
phone: +43/650/9091342
(I will not make phone calls to foreign countries, you will have to contact me, either by phone or e-mail, which I check regularly)

consulting will take place in:
-Mödling, Hochbründlgasse 3/30, Austria
-visit at your home in Mödling, Vienna or cities nearby Vienna (you will have to pay for transportation)
-Brno: I'm from time to time in Brno, where I can also make English consulting, contact person is
Petr Zavodny: (phone +42/077 59 15 121) who speaks Czech and English)

terms and conditions:
(these conditions can be changed if the client and I agree)
Price is paid in advance or in cash. If you book the first and second consultation together, you have to pay when we meet for the first consultation.
If you miss an appointment and you didn't cancel it 48 h in advance, you have to pay for the booked consultation. We can make a new appointment within one month with no additional costs.

what means nutrition based on the theory of five element/
Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM)

Its called 5 element food because every food belongs to a certain element (wood, fire,earth, metal, water) and every element supports different organs in body.
In order to use food from all elements you often use spices and herbs.
Food is also grouped in hot, warm, neutral, refreshing and cold food. Its very individual (depending on your constitution, if you have any diseases, where you live, what time of year it is) what food supports you in best way.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine you use food as 1st choice of medicine when you are ill. If food does not help enough you can use f.ex. acupuncture, massage or special herbs.  

I'm looking forward to helping you find your best nourishment and your personal sense of taste for food.
Dr. Katharina Kratochwil 

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